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Our comprehensive practice has provided industry with assistance on complex EH&S issues for many years. Our Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) have over 30 years of extensive experience in risk reduction, loss prevention, and regulatory compliance. Our Certified Hazards Control Manager's (CHCM) 30 years of experience ensures rapid identification and evaluation of problems and solutions at your site.

We develop programs, operating procedures, and management systems to ensure your continued compliance with EH&S regulations. We provide training and education to ensure personnel and facility safety. We provide support and management of your EH&S Program to ensure that your facility is in compliance with routine recordkeeping and reporting requirements and that you stay up-to-date on new, proposed, or changes to regulations that will impact your facility operations.

Hazardous Waste Compliance Audits
Workflow monitoring and procedural reporting gives management insight into quality, safety and risk issues. Comprehensive audit trails, RCRA permitting, regulatory compliance, emergency response planning, training, and tank compliance/certification are all tools GXP Consultants utilize to achieve significant cost reductions through careful design of waste management systems source reduction, reuse/recycling, minimization, product substitution, individual waste stream separation, and other techniques.

Medical Waste
GXP Consultants can provide your facility with a safe and cost-effective medical waste management and compliance program for all hazardous chemical, "pharmaceutical" hazardous chemicals, radiation and biological hazardous waste, container labeling, OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards, and employee and information training.

Chemical Hygiene Programs
We Develop process safety management, compressed gas system management and chemical management programs. We also offer industrial hygiene and OSHA training as well as spill response training. Litigation support and services are part of GXP Consultants' expertise.

ISO 14000
Preparing, developing, managing, assessing, and designing procedures to identify the environmental aspects of facility operations and their impacts, both legal and otherwise, is critical to a successful ISO 14000 program. The program must include an explanation of the fundamental aims, essential commitments and main requirements. GXP Consultants are available to assist in creating goals and targets for every division of the facility.

TSDF Registration
Profiling identification of hazardous waste stream characteristics, establishing training and safety standards, developing contingency plans, providing Inspection Reports evaluating all aspects of your facility, and establishment of your EPA/State ID Number and authorization of hazardous waste treatment (ISD) are all key elements that GXP Consultants can provide your facility.

Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring
GXP Consultants provides a full-range of industrial hygiene services related to biosafety, chemical safety, and exposure evaluations. Executing assessments of potential biological, chemical, and physical hazards through sampling and evaluations, developing corrective measures regarding any potential areas of concern, and working to develop cost-effective solutions are our specialities.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Formulating strategies that allow your facility the flexibility for growth and development by providing services that include permitting, Clean Air Act compliance, emission inventories, technology assessment, and dispersion modeling are all a part of the GXP Consultants' experience.

Noise Control and Hearing Conservation Programs
Coordinating the efforts of supervisors and employees to reduce occupational noise exposures and prevent occupational hearing loss are services GXP Consultants provides. This includes evaluating workplace noise levels, conducting noise surveys, collecting noise measurements and performing audiometric testing. Providing hearing protection devices, training and education to meet OSHA Standards is all part of the package.

Monitoring and evaluating the environmental and safety conditions for personnel throughout a facility; identifying problems and taking the proper steps to effect improvements, both physical and behavioral; and promoting better conditions for health and safety are the goal of GXP Consultant's experts.

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